Advisory Visits

Listed below are the Advisory Visits that we have carried out. If you would like to view or download a report, click on the river name or title. This will take you to a link to a PDF file of the report. If you would like to search Advisory Visit reports, please go the Map where you can search using a number of filters to find one or more reports. You can also sort the list below by clicking on any of the headings.
WTT would like to recognise the support of the Environment Agency through rod licence monies for many of the Advisory Visits conducted in England.

Title Year of Visitsort icon River Name River Basin County Author
River Wear - Willington 2016 Wear Northumbria Durham Gareth Pedley
Trentham Gardens 2016 Trent Humber Staffordshire Paul Gaskell
Annan Water 2016 Annan Scotland Scotland Gareth Pedley
Abbey Brook 2016 Ribble / Douglas Tributary North West Lancashire Gareth Pedley
River Tean 2016 Tean Humber Staffordshire Tim Jacklin
River Ceiriog 2016 Ceiriog Dee Wales Tim Jacklin
River Dove, Birdsgrove 2016 Dove Humber Derbyshire Tim Jacklin
Knee Brook 2016 Knee Brook Severn Gloucestershire Tim Jacklin
River Sherbourne, Coventry 2016 Sherbourne Severn West Midlands Tim Jacklin
River Stour, Warwickshire 2016 Stour Severn Warwickshire Tim Jacklin
Ovington carrier, River Itchen 2016 Itchen South East Hampshire Nick Lawrence
Upper Wyre, Abbeystead Estate 2016 Wyre North West Lancashire Jonathan Grey
Town Beck and Back Beck, R. Wharfe, Addingham 2016 Wharfe Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
River Allen, Crichel House, Dorset 2016 Allen South West Dorset Mike Blackmore
Hampshire Avon, Countess, Wiltshire 2016 Avon South West Wiltshire Mike Blackmore
River Barle, Dulverton, Somerset 2016 Barle South West Somerset Mike Blackmore
River Aire, Bradford City Angling Association 2016 Aire Humber North Yorkshire Jonathan Grey
Bradford Beck – Shipley 2015 Bradford Beck Humber West Yorkshire Paul Gaskell
River Ribble Longpreston and Paythorne 2015 Ribble North West Lancashire Gareth Pedley
River Teme at Leintwardine 2015 Teme Severn Herefordshire Tim Jacklin
River Slea at Sleaford 2015 Slea Anglian Lincolnshire Tim Jacklin
River Irk Greater Manchester 2015 Irk North West Lancashire Paul Gaskell
River Cole, Sparkhill, Birmingham 2015 Cole Humber West Midlands Paul Gaskell
River Browney 2015 Browney Northumbria Durham Gareth Pedley
River Rea 2015 Rea Severn Shropshire Tim Jacklin