Advisory Visits

Listed below are the Advisory Visits that we have carried out. If you would like to view or download a report, click on the river name or title. This will take you to a link to a PDF file of the report. If you would like to search Advisory Visit reports, please go the Map where you can search using a number of filters to find one or more reports. You can also sort the list below by clicking on any of the headings.
WTT would like to recognise the support of the Environment Agency through rod licence monies for many of the Advisory Visits conducted in England.

Title Year of Visitsort icon River Name River Basin County Author
River Glaven at Wiveton Bridge 2002 Glaven Anglian Norfolk Other
Rivers Stiffkey and Burn, Norfolk 2002 Stiffkey / Burn Anglian Norfolk Vaughan Lewis
Idloch Town Water at Turriff 2002 Idoch Scotland Scotland Other
River Lambourn, Berkshire 2002 Lambourn Thames Berkshire Vaughan Lewis
Leigh & Cradley Brooks, Worcestershire 2002 Leigh & Cradley Brooks Severn Worcestershire Vaughan Lewis
Nar Valley Fisheries 2002 Nar Anglian Norfolk Other
River Nidd, North Yorkshire 2002 Nidd Humber North Yorkshire Other
River Pang, Pangbourne, Berkshire 2002 Pang Thames Berkshire Vaughan Lewis
River Rea, Worcestershire 2002 Rea Severn Worcestershire Vaughan Lewis
The Red Burn, Acomb, Hexham 2002 Red Burn Northumbria Northumberland Other
Loch Uisge, Isle of Barra 2002 Loch Uisge Scotland Scotland Other
Redbournbury Fishery, River Ver 2002 Ver Thames Hertfordshire Vaughan Lewis
Wellow Brook, Somerset 2002 Wellow Brook Severn Somerset Other
River Wensum at Drayton 2002 Wensum Anglian Norfolk Vaughan Lewis
River Wharfe, Ilkley, Yorkshire 2002 Wharfe Humber West Yorkshire Other
River Wissey, Norfolk 2002 Wissey Anglian Norfolk Simon Johnson
River Chess, Chenies Fishery 2001 Chess Thames Buckinghamshire Other
River Wye, Derbyshire 2001 Wye Humber Derbyshire Vaughan Lewis
River Wye & Derwent, Derbyshire 2001 Wye & Derwent Humber Derbyshire Vaughan Lewis
River Glyme, Hordley 2001 Glyme Thames Oxfordshire Vaughan Lewis
River Kennet, Marlborough, Wiltshire 2001 Kennet Thames Wiltshire Vaughan Lewis
Kittoch Water, Wester Kittochside, East Kilbride 2001 Kittoch Scotland Scotland Other
Lennoch Burn, River Earn, 2001 Earn Scotland Scotland Other
Lincolnshire Chalk Rivers 2001 Waithe Beck, Rase, Eau, Ludd Anglian Lincolnshire Vaughan Lewis
Malham Tarn 2001 Malham Tarn Humber North Yorkshire Vaughan Lewis